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FREE Abdominal online training course

At BCF, we are committed to promoting clinical learning opportunities in diagnostic imaging to members of the veterinary profession. Our in-house vet, Kimberly Palgrave, has developed a series of online instructional videos demonstrating how to perform a basic abdominal ultrasound examination in small animal patients using a step by step approach.
These 3-5 minute videos also cover how to alter the controls on your ultrasound machine to get the most out of your equipment.

Watch the videos and complete the self assessment quiz to receive a 1 hour CPD* certificate.

*GB and N. Ireland CPD only


Video 1 - Introduction and ultrasound machine controls


Video 2 - The ultrasound probe


Video 3 - Patient preparation for an abdominal ultrasound exam


Video 4 - Ultrasound exam of the liver


Video 5 - Ultrasound exam of the spleen


Video 6 - Ultrasound exam of the kidney


Video 7 - Ultrasound exam of the urinary bladder


Video 8 - Ultrasound exam of the abdominal GI tract


Video 9 - Completing the abdominal ultrasound exam


Click here to complete the self assessment quiz and receive your CPD* certificate

*GB and N. Ireland CPD only

Cardiac online training course

These videos were created in partnership with The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, The University of Edinburgh. Filming by Susan Rhind and Eoghan Clarkson, eLearning Unit R(D)SVS. Video editing also by Eoghan Clarkson. Thanks to Carin Cordelli, Helen Dixon, Ealasaid Manson and Ashleigh Black, BVM&S students at the R(D)SVS.